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The strawberry Field [entries|friends|calendar]

Code Name: Safety

Info:Humanoid still in threatment for mental disorders.

Data:Presenting female atributes, she is actually living in Santiago de Chile. Bilingual, and she knows a little of german.

She likes videogames, reading, drawing, and she is also still learning how to play the guitar. She consider herself a taboo-less person, she likes doing almost everything and almost never complaint 'bout things.
Her favourite musicians are Matthew Bellamy (Muse), Tooru Niimura (Dir en Grey), Thom Yorke (Radiohead). She also likes bands like Travis, The Beatles, deathgaze, MUCC, Jamiroquai, Beck, Björk, Oasis; and other musicians like Jack Johnson, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra or Shiina Ringo. Yes, most of them are from the UK or Japan, and alternative rock.



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Driving to madness [
April 09, 2007 @ 10:53 pm
[ mood | melancholy ]

All this is driving me, seriously, mad. I can't forget him. I just... Love him too much. I never thought love would be like this. Well... Never expected that love is such a powerful thing. Not like this. All i wanna do is scream to your ear how much I love you~ But I can't. I already took a decision and there is no way back.
BTW, I've been missing another person~ who I think may read this, and won't feel identified. But It's you. Check my fotologs, you should realise~

Ahmh! Belén, the girl from school... today I just wanted to kill her! She was so impulsive and saying stupid stuff and making fun of everything... Argh! But well. She is having lost of troubles right now so I don't blame her of being so... Stressed.
And today I met a girl I liiiiiike~ Her name is Sofia. She is so fucking damn cuteeeee!!! *-* I'd like to be her friend. Ahhh! xD She is so lovely. She is only one year younger than me, and... Ah. I'm falling in love with a girl (8) xD.

Anywayyyyy that is my life. so complicated.
Oh! I've been thinking about "taking political action" and studied about many political parties and decided that Philosophical Anarchism is for me. I feel so identified with the ideology~ It inspires me to make progress. To create a new society. Philosphical Anarchism is about thinking that the government is an "evil necessary" because people is not ready to be lawless. It supports free market and is against any aggressive demostration of oppossition against the government. Love it~!

Ok, that's all. I must read Fuenteovejuna for school now.
C'ya everyone =)

(where everyone=no one)

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Geez [
March 24, 2007 @ 9:48 pm
[ mood | melancholy ]

So bad, this is so very bad.
Na, not really. It was for good. You needed this, so do I. Is just that... I realised I never stoped loving you~
Looks like I'm not convincing ^_^ looks like I can't fool my own feelings. Dah, It's obvious that I can't~

I won't tell you a thing. At least, not in these conditions.
"You are safer with me here, and you there~"


I looooove my new school :) people is so nice, and everything is so nice exept for that ugly  and fat inspector but hookers ^_^.I have a new friend: Belén. She is a REALLY nice person. And there is a guy who looks like him~ I wanna meet him. And I'll do. I have my methods ;) and they never dissapoint me. hohohohoh~

Cya around.

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High &Dry [
March 10, 2007 @ 10:23 am
I thought I made it. But looks like I didn't. I'm still the cold little girl who just have the basic feelings and nothing else. I can get mad, feel sorry, feel happy or sad.... All this time, this year... I thought I made it finally, that I could feel it... But no. It was a lie. I lived in a lie, because it looks like I never did... And I'll never do. What is wrong with me? Why I can't feel it? I tried everything in 3 years, nothing is useful. Nothing can change that. But If it's my destiny, or whatever... I'll live with it. I don't feel there is nothing else to do...

Aw, I'm pretty bad of my knees :( they hurt so much.
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Save the last dance for me~ [
March 01, 2007 @ 10:46 pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

Oh! I'm so happyexitedwhatever ^_^!
I overcomed it. Everything. Now everything is in its right place~
Never thought everything would be so... So "in its place" xD by now. For the people who don't know... I broke up with my bf~
But now we are friends... Or at least I think we are. And I'm so happy! No problems for me ^_^.

And I think I've improved my english a lot xD. That's nice! Thanks to QAF I made it, hohoh. Anyway I need MORE english! I want to be a 1337 english speaker xD.

Anyway, I want readeeeeeers ._. I feel kinda ignored in this blog. Oh hell, everyone read the last blog I had... But this one?! No-one cares about it xD.

Well, this is it.
cya  everyone.^_^

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love [
February 24, 2007 @ 1:54 pm
[ mood | depressed ]

Well, I guess this is it. Happened what I was screaming for, and what is making me scream now (god knows why). Some people told me it was obvious, but I didn't expect to lose my best friend~  Can't blame him. Guess I'm too weak to do this. But someone who have never been loved, and have this great opportunity... Surely will lose his head.

I'm doing just... Fine. I've been playing piano like a crazy pianist, but I don't care. I lost my mind anyway. But thanks to Moe (and in the future, Ini and Alondra) I'm better... He remembers me Brian Kinney. Cold but accurate, and sincere. Anyway... I can't stop thinking about such pain of you. I read the message, and I'd say I'm sorry but...

I'll leave it to the future.

Changing the subject, my mom and I have been discussing my trip to somewhere in England... With scholar intentions. I'm planning to study there~ at least for a year. I'm so exited!

Well, that's all. I'm going to play piano.


Psychobilly Freakout [
February 19, 2007 @ 11:07 pm
[ mood | pessimistic ]

So looooooong~

I'm kinda giving up with my plan to put the avatar within the post. Anyway, I'm not in the mood for editing MORE html -_-.
Oh! My trip to Viña wasn't as fun as I thought It would be. I discovered that MY people, are Pau, Alondra and Ini's friends. The ones of Algarrobo. I love them. They are... Mature kids. I really love bein' with'em.

Well, I'm back from Viña. No more trips now and on. Or well, at least in some months.

Oh! And I watched Eisenheim the Illusionist. NICE movie, really. Kinda resumed, but a good one anyway. Also I completed Shadow of the Colossus and Fatal Frame 3 :)! I cryed with FF3. The ending 1 is so fxxking sad T.T.

Anyway, my mind have been collapsing these days. I can't stand it anymore. I can't stand it anymore. Such pain~
I don't know what am I supposed to do. I talked with F yesterday and he didn't know what to say. I don't know what to do. It's such a complicated thing I can't deal with too much more~

I'm, maybe, not as good as you are. I can't write like that, sing like that, smile like you do~
I think I need someone to teach me what I'd like to know.
Teach me what nobody likes to learn~

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The Blues King [
February 06, 2007 @ 11:14 am
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hohohoh, I'm backity back.
I haven't posted since... lol the last time, but it is cuz I dunno... I don't feel so motivated if neko_jeanne</div> is the only one who comments ._.. Nothing personal with you, neko~ xD I just need motivation to go on. Well~

I went to Algarrobo with some friends, it was pretty nice ^_^. We played role games [Ok, just Vampire], Wii sports xD, DDR, watched B-class-movies of the guy who made LOTR... Can't remember his name. Also played with casino machines ^_^ and won the same money we spent. And we took TONS of photos, specially when we were on the beach, walking in the sunset~ It was a beautiful view. BUT I still don't have any picture ._.~
I came back, ouji whas the first one I saw. We walked in the city centre 'till we found some people of a community I dunno, giving cats for adoption... And I wanted one! I love cats without breed. (Dunno if that's the correct way to say that... But I'm kinda sleepy right now) Well, I adopted one. She is Miku ^_^.

And... That's all! Today I'll go to Viña del Mar with Ouji, and maybe Dai. I'm gonna miss my boy too much~ I just want to see him. But if I don't, he'll call me, so I'm pretty calm.

BTW, I won't go to play Go, and to the Kuchizuke on Air, I'm gonna be in Viña for that ._.

Well, c'ya guys~
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Karasu [
January 20, 2007 @ 3:17 pm
Oh... I love that song <3.

Heh, I'm back. But oh, guess no one will post a comment :(. Neko is the only one who does, and she is in... Viña del Mar.

What do you do when you love someone (friend-like), but that someone doesn't care about you? =/
I have this... Friend " ", from the last school I studied in.  A girl. She is really cool, and kind. Guess that is why I still have feelings for her. But since she left school she started to give me for granted. Guess she thinks I don't like her too much, but It's not true -_-! And she can be so curt I don't know why I don't give up.

Oh, but well. Shit happens. ;D
Yea... I Love Forrest Gump.

Next tuesday I'm going to Algarrobo, so I guess I won't write here for a week.
(Who cares, no-one read this lol)
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Whathever the people says I am, Is what I'm not. [
January 06, 2007 @ 11:53 pm
[ mood | worried ]

Happy New Year everyone! ^_^
This is the first year I spent my night without my family. It was so cool I didn't slept >3. I went to Daniel's house, and played Play Station 2 till we had to go to the Torre Entel, to watch the fireworks. It is the first time in my whole life I see the fireworks so close! I loved 'em ^_^. Then I played Ps2 till the morning, yup, I didn't sleep in order to see the first dawn of the year.

Well... So far, I haven't recovered the time I didn't slept, but I really don't care. xD Anyway, tomorrow I won't go out early, so I'll sleep 15 hours at least!
Anyway, this week rocks. Today I went to a little event in Las Condes, those events for otakus. I'm not an otaku, but I enjoy going to those things ^_^U. But, I bought an action figure of Final Fantasy X's Rikku. Because of Christmas, now I have tons of money. And I decided to use it in things I like. I really don't like that much Rikku but well... Its the emotion of having such amout who made me bought it. xP. Well. (I also bought today an Atashi plushie [Chobits, the pink rabbit " "] with Gabu's help ^_^.)

Yesterday I went to the city centre, with some guys of the Dz Forum (sry, spanish only). We, also, went to Diana! Diana Merced, of course. I met Joaquín in there. And also, discovered that my favorite game, Silent Scope, is now only ONE coin! And some months ago, in the Old Diana, I had to use two...
Well... The other days I went to the city centre too, and to Patronato, etc. Monday of course I was in Daniel's house.

God, I feel like... New Year was one month ago xP. My mind has been playing dirty games with me. One day I feel something, the next I hate it... Ah, it's so confusing. And the bad feeling on my chest has been growing bigger. Now, even If I'm smiling, I feel that something inside burning me soul...  So annoying. But well, this is life, and I like it anyway.

BTW; I uploaded some songs of Plastic Tree for Gabu. Hope you like it ^_^.

Sangatsu Itsuka

Namae no Nai Hana

Baka ni natta no ni



Hello (Live)


Harusaki Sentimental

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Acquiesce [
December 28, 2006 @ 11:51 pm
[ mood | blah ]

¿What does that mean? :x
I've been listening to Oasis and I saw that song... And I don't know what the fxxk does it mean.

Ah, damn... I've been trying to fix the layout (Oh, darling, JUST the layout? hahahahah~) cuz I want my user pics to appear in every post ._. but I can't find the code. I know wich code it is, but I have NO idea about how to  write it. If anybody knows...
Ah! And the color of the links. I must change it, that grey sucks with this lay.

Well... About Myself. Since some days ago, I have this... Hair extention? longer than my real hair. It is blonde... Cuz I have some hair of that color (discoloured), and well... It rocks :D. I like it. And today I went to the Ice-skating-thing, again! I really love skating on ice ♥. My mum said I could join the Ice-skating class next month (LOL in one week). I'm pretty exited ^_^.

Aaand... What else? I've been watching QAF in english with no subtitles to improve my english :x.

And that's all.

Ah! And I joined some communities the other day, so I could meet people in here :3.


It's showtime! [
December 26, 2006 @ 5:43 am
[ mood | sad ]

Back from Christmas! :D
I'm not so happy though.  But well, when am I? xD hahah. Christmas is one of those annoying familiar meetings I just don't like :D. cuz my family don't seem so familiar (8).
Now I have a new screen, cuz this one is so fucked up i would kick it if I could. And lots of money. Almost 200 dls o_o. I don't know what the HELL am I going to do with such amount. Aaand... Well I saw my father, and that is new. I see him like... One time in two months. But I don't care. I already put on with the fact that I don't have a father. A real one. I don't even like saying "dad" to someone who just fucked my mom -_-. But well. That is not interesting xD.

Tomorrow I'll go to Providencia with neko_jeanne :3! I'm very happy. I have an utter need of going outside and disconnect myself from the world. Now that I have such money I could buy some drugs :D. Na. Kiddin'.

Ah. And btw. Somebody should kill me. I think I don't like the fact that I enjoy other people's suffering :(. But... Not for nothing my nickname is warumono (wich means "bad person" or "demon"). xP. It is... Confusing. I feel sad about someone, but at the same time, I'm laughing in the inside becouse of his/her suffering :/. What can I do with that? ><

Well, cya... I'll sayeveryone even if just Neko reads this thing (And I don't even know if she does, but I think xD).

And I'll go and try to find my fuxxing cellphone :(.

And.. Look at this.

Which British Band Are You?

OMFG almost finished [
December 23, 2006 @ 6:25 pm
[ mood | artistic ]

Almost ONE week later, finally I made the damn layout! This is the second one, cuz first I was planning to make one of Queer As Folk, but then I found this pic of Kyo I love and I changed the whole idea...
lj is too complicated -__- I had to use another kind of code instead of the one I know. It was hard. And I had some problems with hosting the images... Photobucket changed the width of the background and I nver realised (I though It was a problem with the code =/) but thanks to Michael Jackson I realised and hosted the pics in Imageshack, wich rulezz.
And thanks to Ouji I learned how to make Image Maps and now I love 'em so much I'm goin' to add more to this layout <3. I've been thinkin' about a laberinth like that game Tercer Ojo (I can't remember the english version, sorry :P) but easier of course.

But well, got to go now. I should be buying gifts for my friends, but I couldn't go to Providencia >_< (somewhere almost in the centre of Santiago) like I'd planned. I wanted to see Dai too, but well... My plan was completely screwed up. *sigh* This is the longest week I've ever had.

Well... I'll talk about what I promised to.

I created this lj because of neko_jeanne, who gave me this great idea of making a blog in english so I could know what I don't know about english. Pretty useful, you know. Talkin' about Neko, some days ago I gave her a white varnish as a gift and she already had one T.T... That was sad.
More sad news? Almost everyone canceled my plans for this week :D.

But for next week, I'm invited to a trip to Mejillones with some friends of my online-home, CemZoo :D.

OMG Its raining, and we are in summer!

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If your heart is not in it. [
December 17, 2006 @ 3:21 am
AGAIN its me posting at 3.22 o'clock in the morning, when I should be sleeping. Thinkin' about it, seriously I should be sleeping by now. Yesterday I slept like 6 hours? And woke up early to walk the whole day, without eating anything but some bread. And, for some reason, I wasn't too hungry. I've been taking this medicine wich supposes to help me controlling my schedule of every meal, but the truth is it is just making me not to eat what I supose to eat in a day. Or at least, I feel that. Today I just eat some bread and tangerines some hours ago. And considering how much exercise I did today... It is bad.

Talking about bad things, my layout sucks because there is no layout! :D I've been looking for an img to put on my header but I can't find a cool one. I was thinking about using Gale Harold... But I'm not really sure. You think it would look like I'm a fan? I mean, I like him and the character he plays in Queer As Folk, but I'm not THAT in love with him. In fact, some hours ago I was shouthing "HAHAHAH, FUXKER!" while I was watching QAF. lol.

Oh My, this is the... longest? post I've ever made. Maybe because this is the 2nd one? :D

BTW, I have another dream to make a note of.

It was like...

The... Not-so-old man. Georgeous. With those sleeveless t-shirts I LOVE. Me. Love.
His house. The pets. The letter (Alondra, cinema). People I don't trust in.

C'ya in 24 hours I guess.
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Move one, move on, right, there~ [
December 16, 2006 @ 1:18 am
Well, this is my first post here (YOU KIDDIN'?), so I guess I've to say some words about why did I made this place? But I'm really not in the mood right now, in fact, I should be sleeping by now. But I needed some place to talk in english cuz I've been watching some things in english (duh), and also I wanted to make a note of my last dream. I guess tomorrow I'll write what I should write here, about me, this place, the name, etc.

Like I said, I need to make a note of my dream, so here it is:

Bubble gum inside my mouth.
The tree and the bubble gum. I think my mom was there too.
The buildings. The guards looking for me because of the tree-thing.

The bird. That guy, I think he was Faroth.
To lick.
Bird flying. Me and the bird. My school, that guy I need to talk to, ignoring me again.
The videos. The memory.

I guess that's all.
C'ya guys tomorrow :).
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